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Quality Systems & Solutions, is an organization dedicated to computer process innovation that is very proud to be committed to the iDempiere project .

The world dynamism nowadays represents a challenge for companies that wish to stay in the market. In order to achieve this, they must become highly competitive, reaching technological development according to the companies' objectives.


GlobalQSS! The alternative:

We are focused on providing the best service with the purpose  of situating iDempiere  in the Colombian, Latin American and global market. The sizing, installation, support, adequacy, implementation and putting into production is provided for our customers so they can enjoy this powerful, flexible and scalable tool.

Our Business Philosophy

The current needs, products  and demand for high quality services, gave birth to Quality Systems & Solutions QSS. Not only are we taking on the challenge of offering complete solutions to costumer needs, especially software that ensures stability and scalability of the product, but we are also providing our customers with the highest degree of autonomy in developing their operations with reasonable levels of investment. GlobalQSS corporative vision is to be leader in integrated solutions, stable software and consultancy in the computer technology area, generating value for committed organizations with the development and economy at an international level.

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