From quotation to collection (Sales)

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Control from quotation to collection ( Sales )

The process from quotation to collection of money is handled in a very logical way by iDempiere, passing through different processes such as proposal, quotation, sales orders, shipments and invoices; with this you can keep a strict control of process at any type of business, keeping a close monitoring and easy tracking  without having to perform  any process among them,  because it can be configured to create next documents automatically. You can also make the steps being manually executed  or that  requires  approval of any employee, or skip some of the above steps.


iDempiere allows create, modify and print quotations based on specified lists of products by customer, which gives  a great flexibility because you can have as many lists as clients, in which can be  applied some formulas, conditions of discount or  values depending on a rule of profit per item. A big advantage is that when making a quotation, merchandise inventory can committed. This request can be automatically converted without needing to add additional information in a "sales order".



Sales Order
This is a control document which can develop document delivery or shipment guide  and invoice in automatic way. From sales order you can generate the request document of a purchase order to supplier or suppliers. iDempiere has several ways to manage this Order by  which you can generate several types of process within the organization. These are:


       Standard Order   :   This order is created and products in  stock  are reserved automatically; then generates shipment and corresponding invoice. This type of order is used when delivery is made on base of availability. The invoice can be generated immediately, after shipment, or grouping several shipments  into a single invoice, depending on the parameters or rules of each client.    

POS Order:              In one step the sales order is created as well as shipment, invoice and payment receiving, this payment can be in cash, check, credit card or bank transfer. This type of method is used for point of sale or immediate delivery, customers are usually anonymous.

Credit sales order:     It creates the order, shipment and generates invoice as well as payment receipt (optionally). This type of method is used for identified customers  which may have given credit or not.

Deposit order  or warehouse : It creates the order and ships the product. The invoice is generated later. It is generally used when invoices that group several orders are generated. Invoices can be generated manually or based on invoicing rules as weekly turnover from 1 to 15, monthly, etc..

Prepaid Order:        It creates the order and a pro-forma invoice, send the dispatch and generates the final invoice after receiving the money.

        Return Material Authorization (RMA ): Receives an item previously sent, and creates a Credit Note.

It is also  possible to convert a quote to any kind of order or change  an order  to any type of  the orders described above.


iDempiere is capable of taking  all items from a  sales order, and create one or more shipments, checking against stocks in inventory.
With iDempiere's parametrization, you can make a shipment requires a previous confirmation, or deliver it when the corresponding invoice has been generated . The management  of confirmations is to have greater control over the movement of products  in stock between different areas of the company.

Invoices to Customer

According to the agreement with each client  you can invoice in several ways:
        The invoice  is generated immediately after every shipment.

An order can be delivered completely or partially, due to iDempiere allows partial shipments.

It can be configured to make different groups of shipments, due to the client can request comprising several shipments into a single invoice from a same day, week, fortnight , monthly, etc.

In iDempiere , you can customize rules such as the way of receiving payments, creation of  an order or an invoice, receipt patterns are:

        When cash is received, automatically it generates an entry to the cash book.

        When credit card, check or debit transfer are used, iDempiere automatically generates an account against the corresponding bank.

The flexibility and control of documents in iDempiere makes payments to be made at the moment that an entry in the Cash book is created, or when a bank reconciliation is done.
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