Customer Relationship Managment

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Customer Relationship Managment CRM

In iDempiere, CRM is integral part of the application, different than other applications where it's an additional or independent module running processes in batches or synchronizations.  This allows iDempiere to manage the creation, distribution and customer tracking, vendors and generated orders, ensuring a proper monitoring for the internal process of  your company.


CRM is able to fill requirements for the following areas:

Management of requisitions obtained through the Web or via e-mail.
Method by which a request is followed up for a service in a specific location and date.
Is the mechanism by which a costs reimbursement is handled.
This is how the system performs an order, a shipment, an invoice or a payment to a customer or vendor.
Is the procedure by which a service or product that has any kind of problem is followed up.
How to guide customers to get answers to their doubts.

Depending on the case,a process can be automatized like a document in case of a request , an order or an invoice. It can also be programmed to send an e-mail confirmation  in a manual or automatical way , with a case number  for better monitoring . Finally, a process can be sent to a person or group responsible for this kind of case ,allowing you  to have complete control over such.

Customers Profitableness

Is the way to measure the gain or net income from customers, it can have individual reports , for example: by group or by a specified period.

Marketing Campaigns

It is clear that the goal of any company is to keep its costumer satisfied; which is why iDempiere can track customers through marketing campaigns, using a method called mailing, by which you can use parameters such as: latest sales, turnover, products purchased or any other indicator; so that it can be consulted by the sales area and get a clear vision for where making more effective the campaign.

To measure the effectiveness of campaigns, documents such as invoices and orders can be associated to obtain reports and information in order to analyze the results of the net income or profitability. 

Information management through the Web.
Everyone related to the company such as customers, vendors and employees may access iDempiere through the Web. Allowing them to review all the information to which they have access, such as check their accounts, invoices, orders, etc.. and even pay outstanding balances. It can also be used by people who have a direct relationship with the company, you can send them specific advertising, saving time and money.

Centralized information.

For business partners (Customers, Vendors and Employees), you can keep information centralized (Products, Price lists, Accounting information). Business partners are able to add new elements but they cannot change the basic structure of the central elements in order to keep the data integrity and data consistency.


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