Performance Analysis (Accounting)

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Performance Analysis (Accounting)

It is the mechanism by which cost is generated and countable rules are formulated . It is equivalent in traditional software to the Report's Modules and the general Accountancy.


The mechanism used by iDempiere to manage Accounting is based on rules that are automatically applied  to transactions' documents . To keep the user from having knowledge of the code number of each of the accounts there is a rule of accounting code, which has been previously allocated by the system.

Reports, Data Warehousing  and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing)

Every document in iDempiere can be shown  as a report . Users are able to create a new format, different layers, fonts,  clusters and add a report up. After creating a new report, it can be placed in several states in which other people can use it, and it can be made available to whole company depending on the security rules that are taken.

Reports are capable of having multidimensional entries, which facilitates its creation from the same browser. This refers to the fact that there is a  relation between different tables, meaning that within an order form there is a supplier or business partner, which has associated rules for payment.

Another strong point is that all the available information in the system can be exported in several formats, allowing you to use it later in a spreadsheet , reports program or word processor.

Journals Manuals

One of the great features of iDempiere is that the accounting is not a module, it is  a part of the document's rules, allowing accounting transactions to be independent. This lets you record individual transactions in accordance with accounting schemes.

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