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Discussion / Support thread


  • Create an automatic installer for Debian based systems - tested on Ubuntu
    • Emphasis done in the word automatic - the intention is to ask the user the minimum variables required and do all the necessary steps to leave an Adempiere working

Known Restrictions

  • This installer just works if postgresql installed on the same machine (it uses direct connection to postgresql - unix sockets to avoid configuring and asking for a postgres password).
  • It requires to be run as root (this is usual with sudo dpkg)
  • Still not working with oracle - just postgresql

How to install

  • It DOES NOT require a graphical system - it can be used in servers
  • Prerequisites
    • Postgresql 8.4
      • sudo apt-get install postgresql-8.4
    • Enable partner repository
      • sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list
      • search and uncomment the line for the partner repository, i.e. for ubuntu 11.04 the line looks like:
      • deb natty partner
      • after that you must update the indexes
      • sudo apt-get update
    • Sun Java JDK 1.6
      • sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk
  • Download the Debian Installer
  • Execute the installer
    • sudo dpkg -i Adempiere_GlobalQSS_20111114_postgres.deb
      • this step check the prerequisites, copy the needed files into /opt/Adempiere and /etc, create adempiere user and group and assign proper permissions to the files, at the end it displays a message to the user "You must run '/etc/init.d/adempiere configure' as the root user to configure the application."
  • Configure adempiere as root
    • sudo /etc/init.d/adempiere configure
      • this step asks the minimum required user variables, fill them properly or just push enter to get the default in square brackets:
      • HTTP Port [8080]
      • HTTPS Port [8443]
      • adempiere db password (this is mandatory)
      • check adempiere db password
      • postgres password - you can leave the password empty to use the direct connection from postgres user
      • start at boot [y]
    • After this the JBoss configuration and deployment is executed (RUN_silentsetup), the import of the database is done (RUN_ImportAdempiere) and the service is installed to start on boot
  • To start the server you can reboot the machine or run:
    • sudo /etc/init.d/adempiere start

Why in kenai?

Required changes on ADempiere code

How to create the debian installer


You need to have installed this software on your ubuntu:

  • tar
  • gzip
  • ar


  • You must create the Adempiere installer the usual way (RUN_build)
  • Uncompress the installer to $ADEMPIERE_HOME (preferably an empty folder)
  • Navigate to $ADEMPIERE_HOME/utils/unix
  • Run - on success it creates the debian installer file on /tmp folder